television gallery

Are you HD ready?  We are!  We have been working to HD standards since long before HD was  on the horizon.  Now, HD is coming soon to a broadcast market near you.  Don’t get left with news sets and other scenery that does not bear the close scrutiny that it will get with the new technology. 

We can work with you to design affordable sets that look great.  Or we can fabricate scenery that you have already designed.  We are experts with the architectural finishes fashionable in TV, exhibits, and interior work.  And some of our designers never really accepted the idea that the older cameras did not see that well.

We have done many news sets, and we also have a lot of experience with talk shows, game shows, sports shows, and corporate TV.    Even modest budget shows can and should look great.

If you want your broadcasts to look sharp, call us.  We have the ideas and the experience to make any show look its best.